Alpiq in: Switzerland
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Sponsoring: lasting commitments at the core of our business

Alpiq is more than just a player in the economy. The company also performs an important social role, creating jobs, maintaining a strong presence even in remote areas while ensuring a reliable and competitive electricity supply in a large part of Switzerland.

As a responsible company, Alpiq supports projects and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development in connection with its core business. Our objective is to use our expertise in the electricity sector to generate added value.

Moreover, owing to Alpiq’s strong presence in the Alpine region, we generally focus our support on teams, clubs, associations and organisations that are linked to our activities.

AreasMain Sponsorships
SportEHC Olten
Grand Raid
CultureMontreux Jazz Festival
Zermatt Unplugged
openyoucinema Olten
Research and development
FHNW Windisch