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News: 08.04.2014 07:00

Alpiq acquires British market leader in demand response

British company Flexitricity

Lausanne (Switzerland) - Alpiq has acquired the British company Flexitricity. With this acquisition, Alpiq can support its strategy implementation by gaining access to specialised know-how and new markets in the area of decentralised energy management. Flexitricity is Great Britain’s leader in the management of networked services.

News: 07.04.2014 18:00

Alpiq takes over Schwarz + Partner AG from EBM

Alpiq takes over Schwarz + Partner AG from EBM

In line with the strategies of Alpiq and EBM, 100% of the Schwarz + Partner subsidiary was taken over by Alpiq InTec. The Alpiq InTec Group is thereby strengthening its market presence relating to electrical installations and communication services in the Basel area.

Story: 09.04.2014

Fresh air for the new SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne

The SwissTech Convention Center

Alpiq has implemented a powerful ventilation system in the new EPFL convention centre in Lausanne – at an airy height – 40 metres above ground. Amongst other things, the system is exemplary in terms of energy efficiency: The air is heated and cooled using water from Lake Geneva.

Story: 25.03.2014

New X-ray laser at PSI: Alpiq kicks off building technology work

PSI/SwissFEL - Baustellenbesichtigung März 2014

Alpiq InTec is about to begin installing the challenging building technology in the new large-scale research facility of the PSI. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology in particular is in the premier league. “We are on track,” says Marco Hirzel from Alpiq Infra AG during a viewing of the construction site.