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News: 08.11.2010 11:00

New small hydroelectric station in Splügen

State Council of Grisons approves the licence for Tambobach power station

Tambobach - Kleinwasserkraftwerk in Splügen

On 2 November 2010 the government of the canton of Grisons granted Kraftwerk Tambobach AG the licence for construction of a small hydroelectric station. Following the concession granted by the municipality of Splügen in May 2009 and the subsequent review by cantonal experts, the Cantonal Council in Chur has now given its consent to the project on the Hinter Rhine. No objections were lodged.

Starting in 2011, a new small hydroelectric station is to be built in the municipality of Splügen. This was confirmed by the Cantonal Council of Grisons on 2 November when it granted Kraftwerk Tambobach AG the licence for construction and operation of the plant. Kraftwerk Tambobach AG is owned 70 percent by Alpiq EcoPower Switzerland Ltd. and 30 percent by the municipality of Splügen. Splügen granted Kraftwerk Tambobach AG the licence back in May 2009, following which the project was reviewed by cantonal experts. No objections were lodged against the small hydroelectric station project during the public disclosure process. If everything goes according to plan, construction work on the plant will begin in the spring of 2011.

Electricity from renewables for around 1,400 households
Designed by the engineering firm Entegra Wasserkraft AG, the project envisages a water catchment by the River Tambo at 1,890 meters above sea level. From here, an almost two-kilometer-long subterranean pressure line will transport some of the water down to the valley. A power station control centre with a capacity of 1.8 Megawatts is planned near the A13 main road at 1,475 meters above sea level. After the water has been turbined here, it will flow into the Hinter Rhine. The small hydroelectric station in Splügen will generate electricity from renewable energies to supply around 1,400 households. The electricity will be fed into the local grid.

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