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Story: 29.05.2007

Investments in wind and hydro power

Windmill Ramacca, Italy

The 80-metre tall masts require massive foundations.

Wind farm near Agrigento, Sicily (I)

Wind farm near Agrigento, Sicily (I)

Alpiq invests in renewable energy. In an initial step towards strengthening its commitment to the economically viable use of renewable energy, Alpiq is building four small hydro power stations in Switzerland and Italy as well as two wind farms in Sicily.

Alpiq is building four small power stations in Switzerland and Italy and has taken a 49 percent stake in two large-scale wind farms in Sicily. The figures are impressive. Starting in 2008, 74 turbines will begin generating some 222 GWh of electricity (assuming wind forces are expedient for around 2200 hours a year). A further 47 wind turbines, 80 meters high and each with a generating capacity of 1.67 MW, are currently under construction in Catania. And 26 somewhat smaller turbines are being built near Palermo, each with an output of 0.85 MW. Both wind farms have a combined output of 101 MW. The company holds an 85 percent stake in two small hydro power plants in Piedmont that generate 4.0 and 4.6 MW respectively.

Ecologically and economically expedient investments

By investing in renewable energy sources in Italy, Alpiq is contributing to climate protection and is tapping into new technologies. The investment makes economic sense as well, since Alpiq will be obtaining a sizeable portion of the statutorily required quotient of electricity from renewable sources (green certificates). Alpiq intends to generate around half of the “green certificates” in its own facilities instead of buying them on the market.

The focus in Switzerland is on hydro power

Alpiq established Alpiq EcoPower AG in Switzerland to encourage development of small hydro power stations. In a first move, it has taken a 49 percent stake in Entegra Wasserkraft AG, a company operating three small hydro power stations with a production capacity of between 80 and 600 kW. In the megawatt range, three small hydro power plants have been built to-date in Ticino and a further six are planned. Alpiq is participating via its subsidiary SES, through which it owns a stake in Senco Holding SA. The CHF 50 million venture capital earmarked for development of small hydro power stations will facilitate investments greatly in excess of this sum.

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