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Piero Manzoni is the incoming CEO of Atel Energia S.r.l.

Atel Energia S.r.l. in Milan has a new incoming CEO: Piero Manzoni. The 43-year-old engineer will start his new function in early April.

Piero Manzoni has been director of energy business at Siemens Italy since mid-2001, running a unit that covers the areas of electricity generation, transmission and distribution. Prior to that, Manzoni held senior positions at ABB in Italy and Libya for a number of years. Running Atel Energia since September 2004 has been Stefano Colombo, head of the Southern Europe Market business unit and vice chairman of Atel Energia.

The Milan subsidiary oversees Atel’s prime energy market. The company’s activities have steadily expanded since its founding in 1999. Atel Energia S.r.l. distributes electricity generated at its own power stations, is a participant on the Italian electricity exchange, and supplies electricity to a growing base of wholesalers and end customers. The Milan-based company generates annual sales of around 800 million euros and is developing into one of the key players in the Italian energy market.

Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity Corporate Communications 

Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity (Atel)
Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity (Atel) is the leading production-based energy service provider in Switzerland and operates at a pan-European level. Founded in 1894, Atel focuses on the two core businesses of production-based Energy Trading and Energy Services. The group of companies, domiciled in Olten, employs a staff of around 8000 and generated a turnover of CHF 7 billion in 2004. Its main markets in the energy sector are Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the Central and Eastern European countries. Its goods and services range from portfolio management and group energy supplies, to energy derivatives and option contracts, to establishing distribution concepts involving other partners. Trading and distribution are supported by a number of proprietary hydraulic and thermal power stations plus a broadly ramified transmission grid. With its Energy Services Division, Atel provides all technical services pertaining to energy (electricity, gas, oil and biomass) and its uses as power, lighting, cooling and heating, communication and security. Atel is among the leading providers of Energy Services in both Switzerland and Germany.