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Swiss Parliamentary delegation in Kladno

Six members of the Swiss Parliament Foreign Policy Committee, who came to Kladno together with Jean-Francois Kammer, the Ambassador of Switzerland in the Czech Republic, within their visit to the Czech Republic, made sure of this fact today.

Kladno introduced investment opportunities to members of Swiss Parliament

They acquainted themselves with the operations of Kladno Energy Businesses (KEB), owned by Atel, Swiss utility concern. KEB is the largest Swiss investment in the Czech Republic, and at the same time, it is the largest and one of the first foreign investments in the Kladno Region. The Group of ECK Generating, ECK Kladno, Energetika Kladno and Kladno GT operates in the industrial zone of Kladno – South, a state-of-the-art electricity and heat cogeneration facility, which ranks, with its approximately three-percent share of the market, among the largest independent thermal and electrical energy producers in the Czech Republic.

“The visit has confirmed that the strategy of the Statutory City of Kladno with respect to the preparation of the best possible conditions for foreign investors is correct. In two industrial zones of Kladno - South and East, almost 6 thousand people and further tens of thousand people, employed with subcontractors, have found their jobs. The presence of the companies, such as KEB, Lego, Showa Aluminium, Celestica, Třinec Ironworks, Poldi Machine Works etc. has helped Kladno change into a modern city and at present, they also bring further impetus for the city development,“ says Dan Jiránek, Lord Mayor of the City of Kladno. The successful restructuring of the former single-track industry is confirmed by the unemployment rate decrease below the national level. “In addition, we also have signals of further significant increases of job opportunities in both the industrial zones. Therefore, we adapt to this fact, among others, the regional transport system in connection with the neighboring districts,“ added the Kladno Lord Mayor. 

“Switzerland is the sixth largest foreign investor in the Czech Republic and its share of the total investments for the period of 1993 to 2004 amounts to 6 %. The importance of the mutual economic relations is also confirmed by the visits of significant Swiss representatives to the Czech Republic. Last November, it was the official visit of the Federal President of Switzerland, Minister of Economy Joseph Deiss, and it is further confirmed by today’s visit,“ says Miroslav Řehounek, Head Executive of the Chamber of Commerce of Switzerland – Czech Republic. 

“We are convinced that the step, taken by Atel through its investment in the Czech Republic, is a good signal also for other potential Swiss investors. Our experience from the cooperation with the City of Kladno is very good and we can recommend this locality to other foreign parties interested in investments,“ concludes Jan Shrbený, Commercial Director, KEB. 

Kladno Energy Businesses

Kladno Energy Businesses (KEB)
Kladno Energy Businesses (KEB) is the group of companies (ECK Generating, ECK Kladno, Energetika Kladno and Kladno GT) owned by ATEL, Swiss utility company and partially also by Středočeská energetická a.s. In Kladno, KEB operates a state-of-the-art electricity and heat cogeneration facility, which complies with the environmental standards of the Czech Republic, European Union and World Bank. Its electrical output reaches 343 MWe and with its approx. three percent market share,  KEB is one of the largest independent heat and power producers in the Czech Republic.