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YES – on 9 June to the electricity act

Alpiq has developed important projects for winter energy and storage volumes that can be realised together with partners within a few years – because we all share responsibility for ensuring security of supply in Switzerland.

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Alpiq – A different kind of energy

Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity producer and energy service provider and is active throughout Europe. We offer our customers comprehensive and efficient services in the fields of energy generation, marketing and energy optimisation.

At Alpiq, business is always conducted based on our purpose “together for a better climate and an improved security of supply” and this purpose, together with our values and ethical standards, is engrained in our culture as a company. We pursue a sustainable, financially stable and risk-adjusted business model.

Alpiq acquires a majority stake in the Finnish hydrogen pioneer P2X Solutions

Lausanne – Alpiq emphasises its commitment to climate protection and strengthening the security of supply by acquiring a majority stake (54.9 percent) in the Finnish hydrogen pioneer P2X Solutions, which is headquartered in Espoo. The partnership-based participating interest is effective immediately, although P2X Solutions will remain an independent company. This acquisition shows that Alpiq is strengthening its position in the Nordic countries and becoming one of the leading companies in Northern Europe in the production of green hydrogen.

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Supporting the energy transition through flexibility

In recent years, the energy transition has led to a steep increase in renewable energy capacities. The growth in the number of wind farms and solar parks is accelerating, and photovoltaic panels are appearing on the roofs of more and more houses. Renewable energy production is already the largest source of electricity in many markets.

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11 kilometres of river renaturalised to enhance biodiversity

Eleven kilometres of small and medium-sized rivers have been revitalised in the canton of Solothurn thanks to the support of the Alpiq Eco Fund. Natural and local materials were used to slow down the flow of the rivers and promote the development of aquatic flora and fauna.   

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Our business

Trading and origination

Do you want to market your produced electricity as lucratively as possible? Find out what services we provide in the area of market access.

Asset management

As a power plant owner, you want to generate electricity as efficiently as possible. Find out what we can do to increase the productivity of your power plants.

Energy management

Alpiq's customised energy management offers keep your risks to a minimum and increase your flexibility, while optimising your portfolio and profit potential. Discover our whole spectrum of services.

Digital energy solutions

We combine hardware, software, data processing and artificial intelligence to produce digital energy services that simplify your energy management and make interconnection work for you.

Gas supply

We can offer you a reliable gas supply in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, with individual contracts and options. Take a look at our terms.

Renewable energy management

We take care of the management of your power plants. Our comprehensive range of services includes traditional direct marketing, market access for aggregators and power purchase agreements (PPAs).