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#prixalpiq 2023 – from resource management to water consumption

Lausanne – Now in its third year, the #prixalpiq prize has been awarded to two projects: one aimed at optimising the management of water resources in the face of climate change, and one designed to reduce water consumption. The "Sources and climate change" project run by the Municipality of Martigny and the Centre de Recherche sur l'Environnement Alpin (CREALP) has won the #prixalpiq 2023. Meanwhile, the Winner of hearts prize has gone to "Save water, it's easy!", a joint initiative between the municipalities of Finhaut and Trient. The award ceremony was held at the former Chandoline hydroelectric power plant, which is currently hosting the Biennale Son, an event dedicated to sound in contemporary art.

Media release

Gravel boosts ecosystem in the Aare downstream of the Alpiq hydropower plant Flumenthal

As of 2 October, Alpiq is pouring a total of 5000 m3 of gravel into the Aare below the Flumenthal hydropower plant, over around eight days. The aim is to maintain the Aare’s ecosystem with diverse habitats for animals and plants.

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People@Alpiq: Meet Irina our Head of Intraday Trading

Irina leads the Intraday Trading team, responsible for managing the Alpiq hydro power plants' flexibility on the intraday markets and various renewable assets on day-ahead and intraday markets, operating 365 days a year and taking decision as close as 5 minutes before delivery.

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“Weather is chaos”

As an energy company with a strong portfolio of hydroelectric power stations, the weather is of central importance to Alpiq. Its forecast is increasingly a determining factor in our business. Martin Bolliger, meteorologist in our market analysis team, classifies the most important correlations – and gives a weather forecast for the next winter.

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Trading and origination

Do you want to market your produced electricity as lucratively as possible? Find out what services we provide in the area of market access.

Asset management

As a power plant owner, you want to generate electricity as efficiently as possible. Find out what we can do to increase the productivity of your power plants.

Energy management

Alpiq's customised energy management offers keep your risks to a minimum and increase your flexibility, while optimising your portfolio and profit potential. Discover our whole spectrum of services.

Digital energy solutions

We combine hardware, software, data processing and artificial intelligence to produce digital energy services that simplify your energy management and make interconnection work for you.

Gas supply

We can offer you a reliable gas supply in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, with individual contracts and options. Take a look at our terms.

Renewable energy management

We take care of the management of your power plants. Our comprehensive range of services includes traditional direct marketing, market access for aggregators and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Further information

Nant de Drance

The machine cavern with six turbine groups, each with an output of 150 MW, forms the heart of the Nant de Drance pumped storage power plant. Prior to the installation of the machinery, the cavern’s huge dimensions were already a striking sight: 194 metres long, 32 metres wide and 52 metres high. It is located 600 metres deep inside the mountain and can be accessed from the outside via a 5.6-kilometre tunnel. Alongside the power plant cavern lies the transformer cavern. It is somewhat smaller and houses the six transformers and the gas-insulated switching station for the connection to the 380 kV electricity grid.

Photo: Sébastien Moret