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Alpiq joins the 2025 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Valais

It is official: Alpiq has become the main partner of Valais 2025 for the UCI MTB World Championships set to be held from 30 August to 14 September 2025. As one of Switzerland’s main electricity producers with a strong presence in Valais’ major hydropower plants, Alpiq is proud to be supporting this top-class sustainable sporting event.

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Managing our water resources wisely

Switzerland is the Europe’s water vessel. Major streams and rivers such as the Rhine, the Rhone, the Inn and the Ticino carry great masses of water from Switzerland to the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

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Winznau weir: Alpiq is assessing an option to retain the historic structure

Olten – Saving a building through sustainable renovations: as part of its preparatory work in advance of the renovation of the Winznau weir, Alpiq is determining whether the historic weir superstructure can be retained in its current form. According to independent experts, the revised renovation project fulfils the key requirements of seismic safety standards. At the same time, this new option involves less construction and therefore fewer restrictions for local residents while the renovations are in progress.

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Committed to health and safety

As deputy operations manager at the Plana del Vent gas-fired combined cycle power station, Diana Crespo is responsible for health and safety at Alpiq Spain. An interview about the further development of safety standards, the prevention of occupational accidents and what her work at Alpiq entails.

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Trading and origination

Do you want to market your produced electricity as lucratively as possible? Find out what services we provide in the area of market access.

Asset management

As a power plant owner, you want to generate electricity as efficiently as possible. Find out what we can do to increase the productivity of your power plants.

Energy management

Alpiq's customised energy management offers keep your risks to a minimum and increase your flexibility, while optimising your portfolio and profit potential. Discover our whole spectrum of services.

Digital energy solutions

We combine hardware, software, data processing and artificial intelligence to produce digital energy services that simplify your energy management and make interconnection work for you.

Gas supply

We can offer you a reliable gas supply in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, with individual contracts and options. Take a look at our terms.

Renewable energy management

We take care of the management of your power plants. Our comprehensive range of services includes traditional direct marketing, market access for aggregators and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Further information

Nant de Drance

The machine cavern with six turbine groups, each with an output of 150 MW, forms the heart of the Nant de Drance pumped storage power plant. Prior to the installation of the machinery, the cavern’s huge dimensions were already a striking sight: 194 metres long, 32 metres wide and 52 metres high. It is located 600 metres deep inside the mountain and can be accessed from the outside via a 5.6-kilometre tunnel. Alongside the power plant cavern lies the transformer cavern. It is somewhat smaller and houses the six transformers and the gas-insulated switching station for the connection to the 380 kV electricity grid.

Photo: Sébastien Moret