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Management change

Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity (Atel) has named Peter Hans Hirt as the new head of its Thermal Production business unit. Hirt succeeds Dr. Hans Fuchs, who is retiring at the end of April 2003.

Peter H. Hirt new head of Thermal Production

Peter Hans Hirt has for the past two years been in charge at the Gösgen nuclear power station (KKG). With the move to Atel, Hirt is rising to the position of Managing Director at KKG. As head of Thermal Production, he will be responsible for both KKG and Atels other thermal interests. Hans Fuchs will turn 65 next April and retire after more than 11 years of working for Atel in the nuclear industry.

Peter Hans Hirt is 53 years old. He was awarded a mechanical engineering diploma from the ETH in Zurich and proceeded to post-graduate studies in management science. His involvement with nuclear engineering goes back more than 20 years. On leaving the ETH in 1975 he went into industry at Georg Fischer before moving on to Motor Columbus Engineering AG and Colenco Power Engineering AG. He became departmental manager at Beznau nuclear power station in 1998. Hirt has been in charge of Gösgen nuclear power station since 1999.

Peter H. Hirt will join Atel at the beginning of 2003 and take charge of the Thermal Production business unit on 1 April 2003.

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